Football Food

Football Food


I’m so excited football is back, even if it is preseason! With September creeping up, the season opener is almost here – which means it’s also almost fantasy football time! Our big weekend of drafts is occurring the weekend after this, so we are in full prep mode. Not only do I need to do a couple of mock drafts before the actual draft, but I also need to finalize the menu for the draft brunch and finish some projects around the house. Having 20+ people over is definitely motivation to replace the annuals out front (check!), clean the windows (check!), hang a bunch of art pieces (half check), clean the patio furniture (nope) and finish weeding the backyard and garden. It sure will be nice to get those and a couple other small projects checked off the master to do list we have going for the house!

With being so focused on the house, I haven’t thought that much about the food for all those people. We won’t have to do a ton as the girls in my league will be bringing dishes, and Z’s group will get something catered in, but we’ll still need to have a few snacks and dishes on hand. Right now, the only thing I’ve decided on for sure is to have some of these seasoned pretzels on hand and make my OMGoodness Sea Salt Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookies. Other than that… I have no idea. Guess I have a bit to figure out!

football food recipes

In honor of football being back, I wanted to bring back some of my old football food recipes from when I started this blog in 2011. Below are the 5 most popular football food recipes I’ve posted. These are the best recipes for football season: they’re all warm, savory and comforting – and just a little indulgent.

These recipes and all future football food recipes can also be found under the new Football Food page (I’ve also added a page for Quotes and an About me page)!


Football Food Recipes:

Crockpot stuffed bell peppers + fresh whole wheat bread

Crockpot chili + Marie Callender’s cornbread

BBQ chicken drumsticks & garlic knots

Spicy garlic cheese bread

Pizza layer bread


I love that football is back on Thursdays…time to watch some preseason football!


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